Mission and Vision

Advocates of Change is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization mobilizing and empowering the music community to positively impact our communities through art and activism. Our mission is to nurture our society and environment by empowering our peers through education, inclusive action, music, and the arts. By utilizing the passion and creativity of the music and arts community, we raise funds, goods, and awareness for humanitarian causes, while encouraging the arts and community activism. From our perspective, there are so many individuals that want to help, that want to create change, that want to impact their communities in a positive way; we are a platform for these inspired individuals. We want to inspire individuals just as individuals have inspired us.

Our Story

We began as Share Your Cloud in the fall of 2014. Share Your Cloud was a result of conversations between friends and music enthusiasts about how to cultivate an atmosphere of activism within the music community. The first action was a clothing drive, and then a book drive, both hosted before Papadosio shows. The response was incredible. The art raffle aspect was added for the Papadosio show in Cincinnati over Thanksgiving weekend of 2014. Friends graciously donated artwork for the raffle, we encouraged monetary donations in exchange for art giveaway tickets, and we kept it rolling from there…

After two years of sharing clouds, in fall of 2016, we decided to change our name to Advocates of Change. We feel that this name more accurately and directly portrays our mission and vision, while still holding on to our Papadosio roots.  

When we started this project two years ago, we had no idea it would develop as it has but believed strongly in our community’s power and desire to make a difference together. Our project has become a platform for real social change, powered entirely by the passion and creativity of this music and arts community. We’ve helped heal and protect the environment, given hope to medical patients through tangible community support, given children the opportunity to develop through art and music, clothed and fed thousands of people, and have given our community an accessible means to make a positive impact. Thousands of hours given by hundreds of people have taught us and so many others that we can do anything with love and determination.