Nikki Lee Drumm

Los Angeles, CA

Artist Bio:

Nikki is a socially and environmentally conscious Artist of many forms who draws inspiration from her environment and the physical and spiritual connections she sees there-in. When she moved to California in 2012 Nikki began to explore with a paintbrush in late fall and just a couple of months later, painted at her first event. Most of her progression has been made in part to the energy of live events. Her palette is molded until the expression takes shape into a story or symbolic feeling. The bright colors represent a process of self healing which charges an emotional re-lease. Nikki hopes to incite a personal and passionate response from those that view her artwork. It is her goal to share the process of creation with others in hope to free the minds of restriction and artistic blockages. Art like music can be the best therapy. Finding grounding and peace in the midst of the most dynamic and charging of environments has brought the most prolific edge within her flow!