Samantha Mills

Cleveland, OH

Artist Bio:


Artist Statement:

I make art to help people. I attempt to help others by presenting them with work that not only serves a ‘beautiful’, aesthetic purpose, or a functional purpose, but also a metaphysical purpose. Anything metaphysical is defined as of or relating to the transcendent or to a reality beyond what is perceptible to the senses; like those times when you just feel like something is right, (or wrong). With my work I aim to spark those feelings within my viewer, and influence them in a positive way. Using minerals from the earth that have many unique metaphysical properties and potentials in the clays and glazes that my work is made of, I am placing a direct vibrational influence on the users whether they realize it, or not. Introducing geometry into this work is also a way that I attempt to influence my viewers and users in a positive manner. Sacred geometry is the geometry that governs the art of becoming; becoming being a heavy subject covered in the philosophy of metaphysics. I use this geometry so that people can become familiar with the simple yet beautiful patterns that create matter; that create everything. I believe becoming familiar with these symbols and patterns can instantly improve life in a very transcendent way; in a way viewing them is a small form of an enlightenment of sorts. I hope to spark interest in people, and in that way I believe I am helping them.