Dream Out Loud

Furthering the Arts One Dream at a Time

We are pleased to announce the Dream Out Loud Fund, a grant program that will award four or more artists a year with funds to further their development and career as artists, especially as relates to inspiring and activating the community. We at Advocates of Change have seen first-hand the power that art has to change the world; our artists have raised over $40,000 for charities nationwide, helped heal and protect the environment, given hope to medical patients, given youth the opportunity to develop through art and music, and clothed and fed thousands of people.. Art can inspire awe, evoke emotion, express an inner world of thoughts and feelings, spark action and movement, and strengthen resilience. Art defies the boundaries of conventional communication and has the power to unify and edify the human race. It is our aim through the Dream Out Loud program to sponsor and assist artists who intend to do just that.

Grants may be awarded to:

Musicians raising money for recording & concert touring
Visual artists (painters, sculptors, photographers, ceramicists, etc.)
Writers, poets & playwrights
Filmmakers, video & multimedia
Graphic designers, illustrators, culinary artists, product designers, & inventors
Curators hosting art shows
Theatre & music companies
Dancers, actors & performers
Artists going on overseas art mission trips
Emerging arts organizations
Arts organizations awaiting 501(c)3 status
Any artist needing to raise funds for short-term or long-term artist career development

The grant can be used for:

The creation of your art – materials and production costs
Education: tuition, school books, seminars, workshops
Travel: to and from exhibitions and galleries

Our goal for the first year is to give four grants:

One $2,000 grant
One $1,000 grant
One $500 grant
One $200 grant

Our goal is to award two grants this summer and two at end of year; proposals are due June 15th and Dec 15th, and winners will be chosen by the end of those months.

The grant will be funded by and for our community – 15% of proceeds from every fundraiser we host will be earmarked for Dream Out Loud, and we’ll also host fundraisers solely for it. If you’d like to donate online to the program specifically, please add the note “Dream Out Loud” during the PayPal checkout process.

Please submit your application below!