Our Programs

Benefit Donation Art Giveaways/Silent​ Auction

Art Giveaways

For venue events and music festivals, we collect donations of artwork from members of the music community. We accept monetary donations and enter fans into art giveaways. We give away 1-15 prizes, and monetary donations get forwarded to a nonprofit, charity, or organization that our team resonates with, most often a local initiative.

Silent Auctions

Silent Auctions are run using donated artwork. Bids are made on the artwork until the end of bidding time. Proceeds are forwarded to the nights beneficiary.

Planting the Seeds of Life

This is a new program in which we will ask patrons at the events we attend to ‘sponsor a fruit tree.’ After about a year of collecting sponsorships, we will organize action days in which people who sponsored a tree can participate in a planting day, or they have the option to surrender their spot to another volunteer.

Community Engagement

Our community engagement programs strive to engage the music community with their local communities in order to activate positive change.

Petition Signing and Local Initiative Information

We research local initiatives and organizations, and link the music community to these movements. We engage patrons with local petitions, and information on how to get involved in their community.

Advocates of Action

Advocates of Action is an volunteer action day program in which we invite members of the music community to participate in a volunteer day with a local organization that needs hands. We target attendees of music events for these volunteer days in order to engage the music community with their local communities. We honor volunteers work by offering ‘paradigm gifts.’ These perks can include an extra night of camping and music (at festivals), event posters, and other AOC merchandise or artwork.

Now That You Know

We organize pre-show workshops/pre-parties that engage members of the music community with topics such as sustainability, yoga, healing arts, and art collaboration. These pre-show gatherings also offer the opportunity for local musicians to share their talents with the community.

Artist Partnerships

Our artist partnership programs allow us to support the artists that support us so tremendously in a tangible way.

Donated Images – Our Artist Collective

We work with artists to create limited rights use contracts that allow us to reproduce images that they have donated to us. We use these reproductions (prints, canvas prints, stickers) for fundraising purposes, and are able to provide some compensation for the artists.

Original Art Design

Artists design event posters, silent auction items, and merchandise for us, and we split the proceeds with them.

Artist Showcases

Our artist showcase programs incorporates direct artist support with our art raffles. Instead of raffling off art from a variety of artists, we feature one artist to showcase. All of the artwork in the raffle is donated by this artist. Artists are also able to sell their artwork directly to patrons through our booth. We split the proceeds from donations for the raffle with artists 70/30, 30 to artist. For direct sales of artwork, we split donations 70/30, 70 to artist.

Live Art

Whenever we are able, we love to invite local artists to come express themselves at the events we participate in!

Dream Out Loud Fund: Furthering the Arts One Dream at a Time

Dream Out Loud Fund: Furthering the Arts One Dream at a Time. Dream Out Loud is a grant program that will award four or more artists a year with funds to further their development and career as artists, especially as relates to inspiring and activating the community. We at Advocates of Change have seen first-hand the power that art has to change the world; our artists have raised over $40,000 for charities nationwide, helped heal and protect the environment, given hope to medical patients, given youth the opportunity to develop through art and music, and clothed and fed thousands of people. Art can inspire awe, evoke emotion, express an inner world of thoughts and feelings, spark action and movement, and strengthen resilience. Art defies the boundaries of conventional communication and has the power to unify and edify the human race. It is our aim through the Dream Out Loud program to sponsor and assist artists who intend to do just that.