Our Team

Terrence Major

Team Lead

Asheville, NC


A resident of Asheville, North Carolina; Terrence is a human being that thrives on making people happy. Upon learning about what once was Share Your Cloud at Earth Night 2014 from his good friend Sumo Morgan, Terrence was automatically intrigued. Since starting his path of activism, he has done his own events in Savannah, Georgia and travels to volunteer at any event he can make it to. His interests include Papadosio, anime, Nintendo switch, and being a support character in his friends’ lives. If Terrence was in an RPG his class would be a Red Mage.

Casey Marie Papp

Director, Co-Founder

Boulder, CO


Casey grew up a Hoosier in Bloomington, Indiana. She fell in love with Papadosio and the music and arts community while living in Athens, Ohio. She is passionate about holistic healing, music, and community. She graduated in 2016 with a degree in Environmental Science, and aims to infuse her passion for environmental and social justice into AoC’s work. She hopes that AoC can be a platform for anyone that wants to make an meaningful impact in this community. 


“Don’t feel alone, I said welcome home, the best things in life are free…” – Papadosio

Kelly Applegate

Team Leader

Asheville, NC

Kelly Applegate has been working with Advocates of Change, formerly Share Your Cloud for almost 2 years now. She is a Team Leader whom started the North Carolina Chapter with close friend/partner in crime Rob Cathers a little over a year ago. She is an Organic Farmer, Dreamer, Music Lover, Activist, and Environmentalist. Kelly firmly believes that every person is capable of changing the world with every action that they make whether it be big or small. With the way we spend our money and the companies we support, our day to day careers and hobby choices, and with the smaller things like a simple hello or a smile where it seems needed. This work makes makes her feel complete, full, inspired, and blessed everyday to be a part of a team of dreamers and fellow activists. Kelly truly believes that bringing awareness to the music scene, raising money for all of the beautiful organizations that we have, and promoting local activism is the answer to making waves and a difference in this world. With every event she works she strives to inspire others to ask themselves how they can help their local communities and show love in their own ways. Kelly is forever thankful and appreciative that this nonprofit allows us to be revolutionary and she is grateful to be an Advocate of Change. 

Kevin O’Neill

Director, Co-Founder

Richmond, VA


Kevin O’Neill is a Virginia native that is very passionate about service work and community building. Kevin’s love of live music and the community surrounding it makes service work within it a natural fit – he began by regularly volunteering with the DC chapter of DanceSafe promoting health and safety awareness in the live music community and then joined HeadCount as Richmond’s co- Team Leader registering voters and promoting participation in democracy through the power of music. Kevin’s road to activism was a long and winding one; he spent his early twenties incarcerated for non-violent felonies and it was in prison that he learned who he was and how to live from the heart. AoC was born less than a year after his release from the penitentiary.  When not engaged in various activism initiatives Kevin enjoys reading, being outside, and crafting puns.

“The mission is spelled out for us and everyone, it’s like it’s always been there.”
– The Sum, Papadosio

Samantha Mills

Team Lead

Cleveland, OH

Samantha Mills is a Cleveland native, ceramic artist, and avid Papadosio lover. Since 2010 she has been following Papadosio and in turn has truly met a family she loves being a part of. When Advocates was Share your Cloud she got involved and absolutely adored the dedication and desire to help others, while spreading local art! Along with the amazing opportunity to raise money for amazing causes, Advocates gives artists the opportunity to have their work truly appreciated. As an artist and a human being who likes to help others, Samantha eagerly leads the Cleveland Advocates team! When she is not volunteering her time with AOC she waits tables, paints houses, and makes time for hula hooping, art making, and hugging as many dogs as possible.

Our Amazing Volunteers, Artists and Community Members!!



Without our volunteer team across the country, we wouldn’t be able to do what we do. Thank you!!

Sarah Uhl

Team Leader

Cincinnati, OH

Sarah is a moment maker, music lover, and firm believe in the goodness of mankind. A graduate from the University of Cincinnati, she spends her time teaching at a local not for profit, traveling as a vagabond nanny, or participating in the growing mid-west music scene. Getting down and giving back are two of her favorite hobbies and she knows that with a little bit of encouragement, anyone can find joy by spreading the love around. She is inspired to co-create unforgettable experiences and sees Advocates of Change as a crucial component to any special event. It is with great excitement that she looks forward to the near future where live music and humanitarian causes will go hand in hand.

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.” Margaret Mead.

Mary Pazmany

Team Leader

Asheville, NC (previously Baltimore, MD)

Mary began cultivating her passion for leadership in community service during her time as an undergraduate at McDaniel College. While earning her bachelor’s degree in history with minors in music and literature, Mary was an active member of the Zeta Sigma Chapter of Gamma Sigma Sigma National Service Sorority from 2008 to 2011 and served on her chapter’s executive committee from 2008-2010. In 2012, she was introduced to the music of Papadosio and the community surrounding it–a community that has taught her about the depth of caring and unconditional love one can have for others. After meeting Kevin in 2014, Mary’s desire to help others through community service was re-ignited, and she began volunteering with AOC a year later. A recent Asheville, NC transplant from Maryland, Mary is looking forward to continuing her journey with AOC in her new home. When she is not volunteering with AOC, Mary works as an assistant teacher at a preschool and enjoys reading, gardening, hiking, and cooking.

Kaitlyn Berkenstock


Athens, OH


While currently residing in Athens, OH, Kaitlyn is an undergraduate student at Ohio University studying Music Production and Business Administration. Her main focus is to connect the dots that stand in between creativity and business. After acquainting herself with Advocates of Change in 2015, Kaitlyn’s self-empowerment to connect those dots grew tremendously. Standing by and seeing a community flourish with love, creativity, inspiration, and selfless hard work was enough for her to want to lend a helping hand with anything and everything AOC. Since then, she has volunteered with AOC through concerts, music and arts festivals, and Community Engagement Days. Kaitlyn hopes that through her work inside and outside of Advocates of Change, she can cultivate a sense of love and support throughout society.

“I’ll tell you where you can find me… planting the seeds of life.” – Papadosio

Jack Cathcart

Regional Director

Bloomington, IN

Jack Cathcart of Bloomington, Indiana has been with Advocates of Change since October of 2014. Inspired by recent events, he sought to take control of life and be the change everyone so often talks about. He now helps maintain and preserve 200 acres of historic southern Indiana land, has founded a community benefit event – Novo Gathering, and works with dozens of local philanthropists, activists, non profits, artists, community leaders, and event organizers to fill this world with some very much needed color.

Margo Maier

Team Lead

Richmond, VA

Margo Maier is a media professional based in Richmond, VA, who believes that advocacy and action are most effective when they start at the local, individual level. Margo has more than 4 years of leadership and involvement with nonprofits of varying sizes and causes, but she is happiest at music festivals and street fairs, where her work focuses on bringing conscious conversation to the shared experience. Probably the newest Papadosio fan among the AOC crew, Margo is looking forward to being a central force in cultivating the culture of live music, activist art, and altruism among the North American festival scene and beyond in the coming years.

Jonathan Bowen

Team Leader

Denver, CO

Inspired by the book On The Road, Jonathan decided to go hitch hiking across the country.One of the most important thing he learned on his trip was the need for sustainability in this world. Currently residing in Cleveland, Ohio, Jonathan is attending college obtaining a degree in solar power technologies. He is also active in encouraging environmental activism in his local community. #SaveOurFuture #NoNexus

“Love is what I see, Transcending we take on a new vibration, Floating ever higher, We are all climbing to that destination, To where to human race, Can concentrate on what it does best, Creating peace, And not destroying all we’ve been blessed with” ~The Mantras