800 Lb. Gorilla

Dan Humphrey- Lead vocals
Kwame Newton- Sax/Keyboards
Mark Humphrey- Guitar/Vocals
Ryan Barchman- Drums
Connor Allen- Bass

800 lb. Gorilla is a rock/jam band based in Indianapolis, Indiana. With a rock and roll core, the band pulls together funk and jazz influences to create driving, catchy, danceable grooves. A five-piece band, 800lbG places rock-solid guitar, funky keyboards and sax on top of a drums-and-bass rhythm section. The band’s original music blends indie-esque songcraft with funky, jazzy improvisation.

Originally formed by brothers Mark (guitar) and Daniel (lead vox) Humphrey, the band has evolved from a hard-rock power trio into a funk and jazz style after adding Kwame Newton (keyboards/alto sax) to the collaboration.

800 lb. Gorilla has enjoyed a warm welcome from music lovers as they have developed their show on stages across Indiana and Ohio. Their fanbase is rapidly growing as the band ventures further afield. They are fortunate to have been invited to play festivals in 2015 including Hyperion, Good People Good Times, and Taste of Bloomington. The band was also invited to open for The Werks and Twiddle at The Bluebird.
The band intends to take the musical interplay higher, and continue to reach music lovers far and wide.