Definition of One

James Blake – Keys/Synth
Jake Broughton – Guitar
Erik Bennett – Bass/Synth
Travis Jenkins – Drums
Daniel Griffith – Keys/Synth

Definition of One is a Jamtronica quintet based in Springfield, VA. Founding member, James Blake harnessed a love for hip-hop, soul & electronica to create multiple EPs and tracks which first captured the attention of local promoters in July of 2013. Prior to opening his first show for Eliot Lipp, James added former bandmates from previous projects. Local guitarist, Jake Broughton and producer/keyboardist, Daniel Griffith helped to bring in live energy and instrumentation. After undergoing several line-up changes, drumming beast Travis Jenkins and bass monster Erik Bennett fit right in to complete the transition from local area act to one of the regions premier Jamtronic acts. Influenced heavily by The Disco Biscuits, Lotus, and STS9, their style fuses a various genres of music into a mix of structured songs and extended jams. Improvisation maintains the key aspect that makes Definition of One’s music unique. In their short time touring they have shared bills with established acts like DrFameus, Future Rock, Orchard Lounge, Reid Speed, Griz, The Mantras, ELM and have landed on their regions top festivals bills including Camp Barefoot, Mad Tea Party Jam, Under the Stars, Doah Fest & Gotta Fest. As a diverse group of multi-talented musicians each member has a deep sense of community and respect for all artists and walks of life. There aim is to creatively influence perceptive mindsets through their interpretation of music and visual arts.