Kelly Applegate

Kelly Applegate has been working with Advocates of Change, formerly Share Your Cloud for almost 2 years now. She is a Team Leader whom started the North Carolina Chapter with close friend/partner in crime Rob Cathers a little over a year ago. She is an Organic Farmer, Dreamer, Music Lover, Activist, and Environmentalist. Kelly firmly believes that every person is capable of changing the world with every action that they make whether it be big or small. With the way we spend our money and the companies we support, our day to day careers and hobby choices, and with the smaller things like a simple hello or a smile where it seems needed. This work makes makes her feel complete, full, inspired, and blessed everyday to be a part of a team of dreamers and fellow activists. Kelly truly believes that bringing awareness to the music scene, raising money for all of the beautiful organizations that we have, and promoting local activism is the answer to making waves and a difference in this world. With every event she works she strives to inspire others to ask themselves how they can help their local communities and show love in their own ways. Kelly is forever thankful and appreciative that this nonprofit allows us to be revolutionary and she is grateful to be an Advocate of Change.